I painted the two moorland character pictures (below) in the gallery during the first couple of months after it opened in early Autumn 2017. The strikingly different and vivid colours are a reflection of the low sun and ever changing light, which makes north Northumberland such an interesting place for a painter to be.
  1. Bracken
  2. Frost
​These character paintings were the first set I painted when I was planning my gallery portfolio. They owe much to my fascination with painting people and capturing character and were inspired by concept art and the style of the 1920s
  1. White Tie
    White Tie
    53cm x 72cm (Framed) POA
  2. Bonnie and Clyde
    Bonnie and Clyde
    73cm x 92cm (framed) POA
  3. New York Cool
    New York Cool
    53cm x 72cm (Framed) POA
  4. Lady Mary
    Lady Mary
    53cm x 72cm (Framed) POA
  5. Country Weekend
    Country Weekend
    53cm x 72cm (Framed) POA
  6. Red Braces
    Red Braces
    53cm x 72cm (Framed) POA
  7. Last Waltz
    Last Waltz
    72cm x72cm (Framed) POA