Hello and Welcome​​

 Most often I have combined painting with art gallery work: designing adverts, hanging exhibitions and selling pieces, including my own paintings.

I am now concentrating on painting full time. My work is still, as it always has been, all about people, feelings and emotion, light and shade. Best of all I am now painting in and for my own gallery.

First let me introduce myself. My name is Gavin Penn and I am the owner and resident artist of Penn Gallery. That's me in the photo on the right.

I don't remember a time when I didn't draw. I drew anything and everything and especially people.  Sometimes I would draw to entertain, but mostly I just drew because I wanted to. 

I was born in Scotland but moved to Northumberland when I was ten. By the time I finished school, traditional drawing was not so fashionable and conceptual art was in. That art style wasn't for me, but by joining a local evening class, where there were models to draw, I pulled together a portfolio that won me a place at Edinburgh College of Art. At that time traditional drawing and painting skills were still taught in Edinburgh, which suited me. My degree show (1999) focussed on North East football fans. Not an obvious choice for a show in Scotland, but happily almost all of my forty degree show paintings sold.

​That was an encouraging start, but painting is not an easy way to make a living so I have had a few other jobs along the way.  For a while I worked for an interior design company painting murals and trompe de l'oeil in the homes of wealthy clients across England. I also worked for computer games companies, as a concept artist specialising in characterisation.